About Us

Angloscape is a novel, innovative and highly successful Indo-British corporate training group based in Thiruvananthapuram. Through well-conceived and comprehensively laid-out communication and management modules, it strives to foster and further the whole spectrum of skills that both the top-tier job aspirants as well as employees of the corporate sector look for achieveing finesse.

Angloscape is a collective of scholars,communication and language experts, and managers from India and abroad.Angloscape asserts that education alone does not qualify one to procure a dream-job. Education has to be garnished with a host of skills to make one employable. Angloscape trains you in this complementary side of academics. . Be it Language or Management skills, we have the means to get you trained though constant practice and purposeful guidance.

Rapid success

No wonder Angloscape has been an instant hit making it a ‘becoming choice’ for meaningful language/management training for leading business houses.

Unrivalled Expertise

Angloscape has a highly dedicated and uniquely skilled facultyoftalented teachers with doctorate and other research degrees, native speakers and professionals with proven expertise as well as exposure. Our sessions feature a multi-media approach and wherever necessary/possible an exposure to real life situations so that the participants would benefit from a ‘feel-of-life’ advantage.All the sessions would be interactive.


What makes Angloscape unique?

Angloscape’s Unique Selling Proposition is easy to spell out:

  • Conviction and commitment
  • Expertise and Exposure
  • Unmatched Credentials
  • Record of Performance

Whether it be the intricacies of language or the problematics of management, Angloscape can help you with a menu of solutions. Drop in any working day at our office at Vellayambalam for a chat.


Management Team

Dr Mohan Das NK  - Hon. Director, Business Strategy & Corporate Affairs.
Prof. Gopalakrishnan - Director, Academic Initatives & Quality Assurance.
Mr  Mohan Sadasivan - Vice President, Business Strategy.

Mr  Bijo Thomas  -Programme Manager